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We provide world class MLM Software with all below Features

  • Attractive website - Top notch design using HTML 5 and CSS 3. We use ready-made templates from theme-forest website and most of them are mobile responsive. Also, we will search and create images for website as required. (client need to provide required content for website)
  • Dynamic website pages - we will provide some dynamic pages in website that will be updated from admin login such as Latest news, Franchise list, FAQ, Products and Testimonials
  • Logo design - Attractive logo design to suite company
  • Business Registration & Profile Management - This feature will include complete registration and member profile management in MLM software.
  • Multiple Types of registrations - Our MLM Software will support multiple type of registrations such as Silver, Bronze, Gold etc.
  • Member Upgrade Module - Our solution will provide single or multiple upgrade option to registered members. Even this upgrade module will be used by free member to upgrade as paid member.
  • Member dashboard - This will show member photo with option to upload new photo, latest news, all business tools, his contact details, bank details his membership details and quick downline details.
  • Down-line Management - This feature will provide all required down-line view and details for member and admin such as Level View, Direct View, The genealogy tree of his/her entire downline network (with other members activity or not).
  • Commission Module - This module will calculate commissions as per business plan details provided by client. It will support most of the business plan calculations such as Direct Income, Referral Bonus, Retail Profit, Binary Income, Matching Bonus, Level Income, Generation Income, Repurchase Income, Leadership Bonus, Awards and Rewards and more. This module is fully customizable as per client need.
  • Rank management module - This module will manage and upgrade member ranks as per company business plan. Such as Manager, Director, Area Director, Regional Director and more..
  • Wallet Module - This is similar to accounts. All commissions and payouts transactions will be recorded in this wallet.
  • Ecommerce & Shopping cart module - this module will allow client to host full ecommerce website for customers and members. Admin will be able to add and manage products, categories, Price, PV / BV, Photos and orders.
  • Payment gateway integration - We will integrate payment gateway code registration, upgrades and purchases. Client should provide required Payment Gateway HTTP API codes for the same.
  • PayPal integration - Our solution will come with ready to use PayPal module that will allow your users to register, upgrade or purchase Pins and products using PayPal.
  • Perfect Money integration - Member can use Perfect Money for registration, upgrades and purchase of Pins and products
  • Social Medial Module - This module will integrated company Facebook, Twitter and Google+ links to website
  • Reporting module - Option for admin to view and download reports in excel with date filter. This reports will populate required data for further analysis. You will be provided with registration report, income report, payout report and sales reports in excel.
  • Replicated person website link - This feature will enable every affiliate to have their own website which will be clown of the company website Affiliate will not have any option to change content but their name will appear in this replicated website. Also, all registrations from replicated website will be considered as their direct referrals. Example: abc.com/bipin
  • Invite Friends module - This feature will allow users to invite friends using existing email database or importing contacts from Gmail. System will send invitations automatically in predefined format including their replicated website link and contact details.(transnational email service is required for this feature)
  • Newsletter Module - This feature will allow admin to send Newsletter to all registered members in plain text version. (transnational email service is required for this feature)
  • Download Module - Admin will have option to upload multiple business tools and distributors can view and download them from distributors panel
  • Testimonials module - Admin will have option to view and approve testimonials and distributors can add new testimonial and view all approved testimonials
  • News & announcements - Admin will have option to add news/event and same will be displayed in affiliate panel and website instantly.
  • Franchise module - this module will allow admin to create multiple franchises for the project. These franchise will have separate login and they will mainly deal with selling products and pins. We can also give separate commission for franchise.
  • Renewal management - our software is capable of handling monthly or annual renewals based on company business plan.
  • SMS integration - To SMS text alerts and other communication mobile number of the users from website. Such as welcome SMS, purchase confirmation, forgot password details etc. (Client should provide transaction SMS service)
  • Email integration - To send email alerts and other communication emails to users from website. Such as welcome email, purchase confirmation, forgot password details etc. (Client should provide transaction email service)
  • Live Chat Integration - live chat module will be integrated on website that is provided by mylivechat.com. This will allow member and visitor to chat with company support staff.
  • Intro Pop-up Ad - Admin will have option to add intro pop-up ad in 800 X 450 size. There will two intro add options and it can be enable or disable from admin login.
  • Video integration - integration of video from YouTube or any other video streaming server on website or member panel
  • Inbox Facility - our integrated inbox facility will allow easy communication between member and admin.
  • Multiple-Admin Users - admin can create more admin user with specific rights to particular pages within admin module.
  • All major payment modes accepted - our software supports all major and most commonly used payment modes such as Debit/Credit Cards, Online Transfer, Direct Deposit, PayPal, Perfect Money and E-pin for registration, activation, top-up, purchases etc.
  • 1 year free maintenance and support - Annual maintenance and technical support to see website is running smooth, virus free and regular back-ups are taken for future valid for 1 year.
  • Server space - 1 year 5GB web server space in our private server
  • CMS (content management system) - user friendly CMS to manage news, testimonials, products, FAQ etc
  • Dynamic Member scroller - Latest Members will appear in website home page as scroller like news.
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery - admin will be able to add albums and photos in this photo gallery. Achievers and seminar photos can be updated on this page instantly.
  • Visitor Count - instant visitor count to display the number of visitors on the website.
  • Inventory management - this module will help company to manage invetories and make timely decision to order new stock
  • Dynamic FAQ section - Frequently asked question section on website that can be updated from admin.

Get Lots of Awesome Features for your MLM website

Our MLM Software can be used for any type of MLM Business plan such as Force Matrix, Unilevel, Binary, Generation etc., it is Complete package. We hope that you enjoy it.


We are Unique MLM Software Nigeria provides on of the first true MLM Software on the internet

  • Responsive Design

    Our website designs are mobile responsive and it will allow users to view and operate website on their mobile without any compromise on content or quality of the website.

  • Fast and Light Weight

    Using latest technology for content and media, we make sure that our client websites are super fast and light weight to open.

  • Clean and Quality Code

    We hate broken pages and incomplete informations. Our content writters and designers will provide all required contents.

  • SEO optimized

    Along with great design and content, we also follow best SEO practices to provide good search engine presence for our client website.

  • Open Source Technology

    All our website and MLM softwares are developed using open source technology to make it very cost effective.

  • Development and Testing

    Our development and testing practices are well aligned to the latest industry standard. Also, we have all required infrastructure.

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Our company has more than a decade of experience in developing simple and complex MLM Softwares.

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